Saturday 20 September 2003

Diving Wraysbury 1 of 2

Today I did the first two dives out of the four needed for my PADI Open Water certification at Wraysbury Lake. It went well enough. It turned out to be a hot day which was great except when you have all your kit on and begin sweating like a pig (do pigs really sweat that much?). Then of course jumping into a 19 degree lake sure suddenly cools you down! It was bracing at first but a 7mm wet suit soon made it feel pretty comfortable except for the occasional rush of cold water down the back.

Felt a bit panicky in the beginning of the first dive but it didn't take too long to start relaxing and breathe slower. That of course is the best thing you can do. Breathe slow. The lake had about 5m of visibility at the very beginning but that quickly went down to about 2m and less as we stirred up the sediment. Lots of people use the facilty so the place was very busy. Did manage to see my first fish while scuba diving! Well, hey, it's an achievement! Also saw a bus, kayak and computer they had sunk in the lake. Did all the diving exercise without any problems although I definitely need to work on buoyancy control!

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