Tuesday 10 February 2004

The F Word

cover R*: "What's the F word?"
Jenny [in a mild innocent voice]: "What F word is that?"
R*: "The one spelt F * * *"
Jenny: "Ah. Well. Ummmm. Why don't we look it up in the dictionary?"

We just happened to have bought R*  a compact edition of the Colour Oxford English Dictionary this very afternoon. Sure enough, the OED is thorough!

f*** vulgar verb 1 have sex with 2 (also f*** up) damage or ruin. exclamation a strong expression of annoyance or contempt.

Hmmm. It's a children's dictionary! Of course she hears swearing in the playground and I have no doubt she has classmates that swear. Kind of sad really. The innocence is slipping away little by little. Meanwhile, I've been trying to be very careful with song lyrics in the music I play. Just the other day, she discovered a Rolling Stones' song on an old cassette tape called "Bitch". That took quite some explaining!

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