Tuesday 5 October 2004

Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Sure glad to read Mr Kerry did well in the first televised presidential debate. The BBC has published the key points made. The best soundbite was the phrase "Wrong War, Wrong Place, Wrong Time" and I hope it sticks to Bush like a bad hangover. Did you notice that Rumsfeld recently got caught telling the truth? He admitted there was no link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida.

Be sure to drop by the BushIn30Seconds website to watch some absolutely great spoof ads for Bush. It's sponsored by MoveOn.org. Some of the more fun things I've found include a calendar from BabesAgainstBush and protest panties from Axis of Eve. Or you can join with BillionairesForBush.

It still surprises me how much support Bush has with RealClearPolitics showing them about equal in the the polls. I recently listened to a BBC radio programme discussing the rife gerrymandering going on in the US so even if Bush does sink in the polls, there's still a good chance he'll win. So much for the US as a shining example of democracy. Not!

This all points to the boring but crucial issue of how elections are run and the need to support groups like The Center for Voting and Democracy. Closer to home, I noticed this page about the electoral reform in Canada.


  1. excuse me but when is the right time? what if it was you that almost died, or a relative, or friend? would you have wanted something done about it? with george bush i feel safe and security and to those who say well were just starting more drama with more people.... when was the last time we were hit in america since we've done something about it? haha and now he talks about not being a liberal? maybe he can flip flop it up and tell us a new b-s reason to what a liberal is

  2. re: Right Time for War?

    There is a right time for war. Basically, it's when all forms of diplomacy have failed and a justified national interest is threatened or occupied.

    A good example would be Britain entering WW1. I think the US invasion of Afghanistan was reasonable even though the diplomacy seemed very heavy handed at the time.

    re: Wanting Something Done

    I would have felt anger and wanted revenge. At the very least I would have wanted justice. Crushing Al Qaeda and capturing Osama Bin Laden and putting him on trial would have satisfied me. Iraq has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

    re: Feeling Safe With George Bush

    I really think you should reconsider why you feel safe with George Bush.

    The world is angry at American policies.


    How does generating anger make you feel safe? These policies are fueling a vicious cycle of violence around the world as regimes in Israel, Russia and Turkey etc justify suppression of voiceless minorities. This is attracting people wanting to fight America.

    You are sacrificing numerous civil liberties in America in the name of "security". It's ironic for a country that champions "freedom". It's better to solve the reasons behind the violence than try to build Fortress America.

    re: Liberalism

    I don't really understand why liberalism is such a dirty word in American politics. For such a rich country, it is shame how poorly the wealth gets spread around both domestically and in helping the world prosper. America should lead the world rather than rape it in their self-interest.

  3. More absurdity with the Iraq war. Iraq is paying war reparations to US corporations: