Sunday 20 March 2005

Jamie's School Dinners

Jenny and I really enjoyed watching Jamie's School Dinners even though we only caught two of the four episodes. I think it was absolutely fantastic that Jamie did this and it's totally spot on that junkie school dinners should go. Interesting to see that the astute Tony Blair has caught on to this issue and promised to act.

This kind of advocacy programme is one of the very best uses of television. It also illustrates the kind of nasty profit driven uncaring impovished solutions that are often provided by outsourcing to a big corporation. As a school governor and parent, I'd love to see the Scholarest contract dumped and a school kitchen put in place.

Unfortunately, both the local Infant school and Junior school don't even have a kitchen! So K* usually takes a packed lunch.

Wouldn't it be great if all the food was provided by local organic farms too? There could also be great educational value in school/farm partnerships at a primary school level. Win/win.


  1. School caterer demands more cash

  2. Funny enough, we got a flyer from Scolarest who supply our local school with meals. Their fighting back with a promotional school meals weeks. "All children who eat their vegetables at lunchtime will be given a special sticker". They're also having colouring worksheets, quizzes, competitions and a draw.

    Rubbish. Doesn't make their food any better.