Tuesday 18 September 2007

Italian Lakes

I'm in a dreaded Eurocamp late at night in an Internet kiosk. It's not easy to find Internet access. Wish I had brought a laptop now as wifi access is everywhere.

The Italian lakes live up to my expectations. Very beautiful. We stayed in Benova which is north of Stresa on Lake Maggiore. We visited Isola Bella which is an island with a fabulous villa and garden on it. Next we wound our way over to Lake Como which is even better. Much more dramatic landscape with very steep hills all around it. The lakes are supremely picturesque but rather boring for kids. They're not really a great place for activities. It's best for cafes, promenades, grand villas and gardens. Perfect for the shuffling silver hair set.

In contrast, Lake Garda is much more activity and child oriented. It's still quite picturesque up at the north end. So we're spending a day at a camp ground so the kids can play and we can get our laundry done.

The trip is going well although we need to spend more time doing home schooling. Its tricky when you're on the move so much.

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