Tuesday 9 December 2003

Frontyard Progress

I'm happy to report that the frontyard is almost complete. In the UK, they don't call it a frontyard. It's the front garden. However, I can't see calling it a garden as there's no plants in it. Doesn't a garden need plants?

They're just finishing putting on the tiles of the new roof which overhangs the front door and garage. It makes the house look much better. All the fencing and hardscape is finished. They've just finished laying down the gravel on the driveway. Today they've layed down the horticultural fleece and delivered all the wood chip which now needs spreading. The planting box is complete and lined but hasn't been filled yet. Jenny is hunting around for lighting fixtures. The gates haven't gone in yet. Can you believe it costs £20 just to put a nice house number plate up on the wall?

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