Wednesday 17 December 2003

My Head Gets Cold!

I remember hearing many years ago that those of us who experience hair loss go through the same phases of grief as people suffering other major losses.  Well, I think I've finally got to the Acceptance phase. A few weeks ago I got my (remaining) hair cut short. Very short.  I mean really really short. We're talking clippers set at #3. It's been taking me a while to get used to it.

All the solutions for hair loss I've heard are just different forms of denial. Despite the spam, there's no cure for hair loss. Well, there may be one but it involves cutting off your testicles at the age of eighteen. I missed my chance with that one. Of course, if I had only KNEW about that one, things would have turned out MUCH different.

Coming into this Acceptance phase, I now find lots of advantages to really really short hair:

  • It feels weird and beautiful women want to touch it (well, one does)
  • I have almost no need to comb my hair
  • I don't look like cr*p when I get up in the morning
  • A bottle of shampoo will now last years and years
  • My hair drys within minutes of getting out of the shower or pool
  • No more helmet head or toque head problems
  • It makes putting a diving mask on a breeze
  • I can pretend to be a football yob and look menacing if need be

However, I realize now that hats need to become an important accessory.  Not just for the suave look either. First, it's critical to stop reflections from blinding people and causing accidents. They're also necessary to prevent sunburn so I don't get mistaken for a stop sign (why is that queue of cars behind me?).  And my head gets cold!

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