Friday 13 August 2004

Stagecoach Workshop

The kids have been spending every morning this week at a Stagecoach holiday workshop. The format of each day was one hour dance, one hour singing and one hour theatre. Today, as a finale, they performed a short play - Little Red Hen.

We weren't sure how they would take to it since both of them shy away from dressing up and performing but it went down well. You can tell because they got up early in the morning and got ready all by themselves without any yelling from either of us. It also didn't take any pushing from us for them to practice their parts. Phew! There was a possibility that one of them might have refused any participation at all. I think it helped that they were doing it together.

There's some hope we can lower their resistance to the performing arts after all. I certainly think there are valuable skills for them to learn by taking part in it.

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