Wednesday 15 December 2004

Destroying Blunkett's Career

I don't see what all the furor is over these things David Blunkett was accused of. I really don't care if he fast tracked a visa or took a few trivial liberties in his office. If he's really a good politician, it's ridiculous to destroy a career over such minor stuff. What a waste when good politicians are hard to find.


  1. A good politician?,let me tell you something.He was responsible for allowing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into the country.

    Take a look around Dover,Folkestone,Margate sometime,have a chat with the local residents and see how they feel about it.

  2. I admit that I have no idea whether he is good or bad. All I know is that that Tony Blair supports him. But that's irrelevant to my point. I'm saying that destroying a political career because of a few minor liberties seems over the top to me. I mean, if Gordon Brown got caught slipping in an expense claim he shouldn't of, does that mean he should resign?

  3. I take exception to a few "minor liberties" ...

    I think if this was an ordinary person, fraudulently declaring your already-married lover as your "partner" to obtain company benefits would usually be a sackable offence. Would they be able to say "Sorry, I was ignorant of the law...won't do it again" and be let off the hook with absolutely no censure?

    Also, this "honest and trustworthy" person, declared that he or his Private office had no involvement in the "fast-tracking" of the Nanny's Visa, only to find in the Budd Enquiry report that there was a direct email from his Private Office.

    Blunkett claimed he had no knowledge of the contents... this implies that either he is incompetant to run is office and does not know what is going on there or that he is lying to cover up his indisgressions.

    Does this not raise questions about his integrity and ability to do the job? If he tries to get away with this now...what will he try to get away with next time!

    This seems to be the whole story of the Labour Party!

    On a personal note, how morally reprehensible and arrogant is it to not only having an affair with a married woman, possibly fathering a child and then throw a tantrum and try and destroy the marriage when you can't get your way?

    On your point about "Tony Blair supports him". This is the man who took Britain to war for less than honest reasons, and then tried to subvert the final findings of the Budd Report by declaring that the investigation will find Blunkett did not lie. How can you seriously take the words he utters as truth?

    I think in the end, the only person who destroyed Blunkett's career was David Blunkett himself.