Monday 13 December 2004

Troy (Wolfgang Petersen, 2004)

I'm not too sure about this one. I enjoyed the movie but I wouldn't rave about it. Great sets and some good action. Didn't find the narrative and the acting that engaging. After the movie, I read up on Helen of Troy and Achilles and found out just how spartan (pun intended) this version of the story was. All the mythology is striped out and events presented as pseudo real history. Numerous things are left out and the ending is much different than the stories.

A few things I would change:

  • The proper marriage pact of the Greek leaders to Menelaus should be explained.

  • Explain why immortal Achilles is vunerable in his heel.

  • Paris should die.

  • Helen falls for Paris only because of Aphrodite's spell; Helen should return to Menelaus at the end.

  • Tell the story of Polyxena

It's great that film making technology has got to the point where epics can now be produced. I hope some directors will take up the challenge of staying true to the myths.

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