Sunday 31 July 2005

Barcelona Stag

Had a brilliant time in Barcelona but three late nights in a row sure takes its toll. The weekend was arranged by Senor Stag and they did a great job. My favourite part was the jet skiing. Definitely something I'd like to do again when I get a chance. Meanwhile, the show at Bagdad was quite..err...something.

Unfortunately, I was a victim of some pickpockets in the subway Friday night. This guy in front of me at the top of an escalator dropped a pack of cigarettes and then kept stepping backwards while fumbling for the pack. While I was tangled up behind him, another guy opened the zip on my front right pocket and nicked my wallet without me knowing. I figured it out about thirty seconds later but by then they were gone. Very clever. Lost some cash and my credit and debit cards. I called Jenny within about 10 minutes and got them all cancelled.

Luckily, I had some sterling notes back in my hotel room so I changed them to euro's and tried not let the incident spoil the rest of my time. So far, in all my travels in Spain, I've lost a laptop, camera, passport and now wallet to thieves! I'm careful too!

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