Sunday 10 July 2005

Broken Leg

K* broke his leg today.

We were at a friend's house and he, R* and another friend were bouncing on a trampoline. Suddenly K* crumpled and howled in pain. The pain wouldn't subside and he refused to stretch his leg so eventually we decided to take him to the hospital.

At this point, I must say I'm rather annoyed that I had to carry K* from waiting room to waiting room and try to keep a six-year-old comfortable in my arms. He was whimpering in pain all the time with the jostling. There should have been a trolley or a temporary bed for him to wait on.

Well at least we didn't have to wait long. A doctor checked him out and quickly sent us for x-rays. The verdict was swift. A clean spiral fracture of the right tibia just below the knee. I was surprised since I was just expecting a nasty sprain. It turns out K* was bouncing on his right leg and turning when the break happened. I suppose with more than one child on a trampoline, the surface gets too unpredictable and it caught him at the wrong moment.

K*'s Broken Leg

He now has a full plaster cast on his right leg and his spirits have returned. I've been assured that it should heal very well but he will need to wear a cast for a good six weeks. We're now working out how to deal with it. We're supposed to go sailing in just three weeks!

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