Saturday 12 April 2003

Clue Train

Very interesting discourse on "markets as conversations". Almost the antithesis of the branded corporate world described in Naomi Klein's "No Logo". It frames how blogging might evolve and the role it might play.

I recently discovered the blogging community within Microsoft (http://blog) if you're internal and there are of course public blogs up on There's also an internal email discussion alias on blogging with people discussing where it might go. I haven't looked into the BlogX code yet that Chris Anderson has written and that's getting use.

One simple way I explaing blogging is that with newsgroups, we order things "by topic, by thread, by time, by person" while with blogging you order "by person, by topic, by time" which allows you to maintain the context of the person doing the posts. Of course the core aspect of blogging is the community and cross-commeting it forms. I haven't really dealved into that yet. Got to decide on a good RSS reader first. Heard that SharpReader by Luke Hutteman is really good.

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