Wednesday 30 July 2003

Gone Camping

Well dear readers, this weblog is going to be a bit quiet for the next couple of weeks. I'm unplugging from the global collective (!) and going camping with my sister and her family in Maryland. Yes, it's back to nature. We've never done this as a family before so it will be quite an experience (gulp). Emailing blog entries seems to work so I might try that if I get a chance but otherwise you can look forward to a travelogue mid August.

Speaking of readers, I'm pleased to say that unique visitors tripled this month from 400 to over 1270. This was mostly due to my essay on "Writing Code Is Stupid" being discovered and linked from John Lam's site and a few others. Lots of people read it. For some reason, readers from Australia (460) far outnumber any other country (G'day mates!). The next country is Canada at 206 unique readers (eh!) and then the country ranking gets strange with Italy, Hungary and the Netherlands coming next. It's a bit daunting to discover a global readership but very cool at the same time. Well, I'm off to finish packing and, no, I'm not taking a laptop. You all come back now!

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