Saturday 26 July 2003


We spent Friday afternoon at the World of Music And Dance (WOMAD) Festival in Reading. Good festival. Felt like a mini Glastonbury. Very much the alternative free-spirit vegan tree-hugging activist kind of crowd. I like that kind of atmosphere and don't see it much here in the UK; at least, not as much as Vancouver. It exists but you have to either really look for it or move down to the South West. We spent most our time wandering around the festival looking into the tents, stalls and yurts since it's difficult for the kids to see the stages. Lots of drumming and world music as you would expect. Even ran into some salsa classes going on. Lots of good food. Better than chicken nuggets and hot dogs. Will have to make it back next year.

1 comment:

  1. I love womad truly an feel fully at home there. i hav been going to this festival consistantly evry year for ova 5 years an i intend to keep going evry year til i grow old an weak. excelent festival you should all go if u havnt been already!Peace out xxxxxxxxxx