Friday 14 November 2003

Download your Dancing Stick Figure

Superb visualization for Windows Media Player or Winamp. You can download lots of different dancing stick figures or even make your own. The coolest part is you can make your own from a photograph. I ought to do one of the kids. I love the political ones. Check out the dancing President Bush.


  1. where the hell do i download it at..???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Good point. The link has gone bad. I did find an old mirror over at:

    It was written by Lucian Wischik who's website is here:

    But even it points to the same dead link! :-(

  3. i used to post some on lucian's site. mainly simpson's related, my author name was bigfatdan. i'm trying to find some of the figures that people had added. some of the best ones were ones that didnt come with the installer.

  4. This is a link to Winamp Plugins and the Dancing Stick Figures :)