Sunday 16 November 2003

Oriental Cooking Classes

I finished reading Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway and, inspired, I roped Jenny into trying something she's talked about but never attempted. We advertised in the local paper that she would be teaching an introductory course in Oriental Cooking. Unfortunately, the ad hasn't worked that well. We're looking for four students but only one person has signed up so far. She's not planning to teach it until January so we've still got time to find three other students.


  1. I'm a student attending high school right now and I'm working on a senior project on oriental cooking.

    I am now taking Culinary Arts 1 right now which is a class here.Next year I will be taking Culinary 2.

    I'm trying to get a jump start on this project. I'm looking for information on oriental cooking like the

    health benefits and the diffrent techniques used when cooking oriental style.I plan on going to a culinary

    college called the C.I.A.which stands for Culinary Institute of America. I would greatly appreciate some help

    on getting some info on this style of cooking.My phone number is 746-8231. I live in Ayden, North Carolina

  2. Well James, I suggest you send me your email address using the Contact link. I'll ask my wife whether she can send you some pointers on Oriental cooking.

    Best of luck.