Wednesday 21 January 2004

Oh Dad Gloriyous Dad

R* created these lyrics to the tune of "Food Glorious Food". Spelling and punctuation all original but you should know that deard is "dared" and beast is "best".

Oh DAD gloriyos DAD.
Sometimes you get a bit mad.
and you are very glad to add.
and allways you get BAD when
thing get a mess. and I have
deard  you too wher a dress and look
your beast to look your beast ........
in a dress!

I should also mention that we have been talking about dares recently and one of the big dares at the moment is if I wear a dress then so shall she (it's a very BIG deal to get R* into a dress). We're still negotiating the parameters of this dare. I think I'd look nice in a floral pattern...

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