Wednesday 14 January 2004

R* Starts Judo

Last term, R* decided she would like to try Judo so we signed her up for the school club. Yesterday was her first lesson (one hour a week). Looks like a lot of fun. She learned a throw and even tried sparring. She's one of the smallest kids in the class so she's going to have to learn her techniques well.

Last summer, she started showing a lot of interest in martial arts. Now is this something one should encourage or not? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing so they say. I showed her how to punch correctly and a bit about kicking. Then later I discovered she had shown this to a friend and also tried practicing on K*! It's probably best to only learn this within a formal context as the responsibility and discipline has to be taught at the same time. Meanwhile, she's reading my old martial arts books...

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