Sunday 9 May 2004

Eric Clapton at the Royal Albert Hall

I've been trying to get tickets to see Eric Clapton for many years. He always plays the Royal Albert Hall and they always sell out at a stunning speed. I finally managed to get them this year through a local lady who owns one of the boxes. It's the most I've ever paid for a pair of tickets but still substantially cheaper than what I've heard others have paid for them.

So last night I got to see Eric.

Most of the night, he just played the blues. It's obviously his true love and he personifies it. Mostly Mississsippi style with his latest homage to Robert Johnson. It was great but I can't say I was particularly moved or thrilled. Just the blues done very, very well. It's kind of a shame because he's such a great guitarist. I don't think the blues stretches his abilities.

The audience came alive when he started covering his rock hits towards the later part of the concert. These included I Shot The Sheriff, Cocaine, Badge, Wonderful Tonight. Best of all, he did Layla. For the encore, he did Sunshine Of Your Love. That was thrilling. The last concert of the Cream was played at the very same Royal Albert Hall on November 26th, 1968.

He must be sick of playing those old songs but I'm thankful that he did. The man has put out 36 albums in a 40 year career but those were some of his very best.

His band was faultless. Special mention should be made of Billy Preston on Hammond organ. The fifth Beatle himself.


  1. I also went to see EC on 8th May - thought the concert was one of the best. I still think the night with the National Philharmonic in 91 was the best for all round spine tingling. We were fortunate to have a grand tier box for the family and friends which really made the night

  2. Not a fan of Eric at all,his singing is atrocious and I have always understood why he is called "slowhand" eh?...

  3. Trying to get tickets to see EC 5 or 6 May 2005 at Royal Albert Hall. Arrive London, 5 May at 0930.