Wednesday 19 May 2004

Kayak Club Evening Paddle

Yesterday I went down to the Kayak Club that I'm now a member of and went for my first club evening paddle. There must have been twenty five of us all together and everyone sticks together as a group. I had expected people to break off in small groups and just paddle off. I quickly changed into some new paddling gear I've bought and got myself out onto the Thames in a club boat.

It was a beautiful evening; we've been having somewhat of a heat wave. We went downstream a short ways and then broke off into two groups. One group to play polo and another group to paddle downstream and back. The mainly younger crowd went for polo. Ok, I'm definitely on the older scale of the crowd but I'm not alone.

I'm still working hard to keep the kayak going straight but I had a good time. The weather was perfect and it's a very pretty part of the river (lined by some fantastic houses I must say). It was gorgeous as the sun set.The only drawback was the swarming clouds of mayflies on the river. At times, you had to be sure not to open your mouth!

Nevertheless, kayaking is a great thing to do on a warm summer evening. Something to be repeated!

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  1. Went for another paddle this evening. Nice and even better with a drink at the pub afterwards! My Tuesday evenings are now taken.