Thursday 20 May 2004

Sailing Club Induction

We're now members of a small local sailing club and today we went for an induction evening. The club sails on a small lake and has a pretty nice club house with a bar. Everyone is very friendly.

Jenny and I took turns going for a sail with someone else on their dinghy. On my turn, we participated in the weekly racing while the heavens poured buckets on us. Got completely drenched but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The racing is very casual and good natured. Basically, there's not much else to do on a lake with a dinghy other than to get into racing.

There's a small playground which keeps the kids happy. There's also other kids about and they got a ride on a power boat. R* has expressed an interest in learning to sail and she's now old enough.

Jenny starts her dinghy sailing course this Saturday. I'm planning to get in some sailing practice at the club over the summer. Meanwhile, I've booked myself onto a five day RYA Competent Crew course learning how to sail a yacht this August in the Solent. Looking forward to some windy days!

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