Saturday 19 June 2004

Dump Sky Movies

We dumped Sky Movies several months ago. Figured that it was £154 a year going down the toilet as we just didn't watch it. They showed lousy movies at the wrong time. We still have Sky but just a basic package. Actually given how little TV we watch, I'm not even sure that's worth it.

But this month I signed up with the MovieTrak DVD rental scheme. It's excellent. For only £8 a month, you create a long list of movies on their website that you want to watch. They send the first DVD to you, you watch it and send it back. They send the next one on your list. Ad infinitum. No penalties or time limits. No contract so quit when you want.

There are many other DVD rental schemes but I just went with MovieTrak since I've used them before for one-off rentals and found them reliable. I've got a long list of movies to catch-up on and MovieTrak will buy the DVD's if they don't have them. Recommended.

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