Wednesday 16 June 2004

R* Chooses An Instrument

cornetR* has decided she wants to learn to play the cornet. We went to an instrument hands-on evening yesterday where she also tried out a flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, french horn, violin, cello, guitar and drums. Before arriving, she was quite set on the violin but I think that's because most of her friends are learning it. She was pretty good at producing a note on anything she tried. She did very well with the flute and particularly liked the oboe.

But when she got to the cornet, her mind was quickly made up despite my attempts to praise the tonal qualities of a cello! The brass teacher was impressed with her enthusiasm and natural abilities. Given the amount of practice, I figure a child really has to like their instrument and was happy for her to make the decision. She wanted a small instrument and I suspect she likes how loud the cornet is.

I'm now partial to the acquisition of a shed to be placed at the bottom of the garden where she could practice. We've signed her up for lessons in September.

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