Monday 7 June 2004

Half Term

The kids have been on their half term break this week hence the lack of posts. We didn't go on a holiday but we did get out a bit.

We packed a picnic and spent a day at Wellington Country Park. Nice place with a great playground and a lake where you can hire row boats. Check out the website. Kids really enjoyed it. Another afternoon was spent at the London Science Museum. It's always a favourite. We played about with some of the hands-on demonstrations in the optics department and the flight lab. We listened to a fun interactive kids talk on energy. But as with previous visits, we barely scratched the surface as the place is so big. We finished the visit watching the 3D Bugs movie at the IMAX Theatre.

Finally, we went to Atarah's Beastly Concert by the National Symphony Orchestra. It's part of the Children's Classic Concerts series. This time it was held at the Royal Festival Hall. You have to imagine a huge audience of young children who have all brought instruments as they get to play along with the orchestra. Very fun. They played The Toy Symphony, The Nutcracker Suite, Flight Of The Bumble Bee, Pink Panther, Pop Goes The Weasel and others. The highlight was the story of Peter And The Wolf. It's a great way to introduce kids to classical music.

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