Friday 16 July 2004

Jerry Springer - The Opera

My cousin was in town visiting so besides strolling around Blenheim Palace and Camden Market, we also went to see Jerry Springer - The Opera at the Cambridge Theatre in London.

It was excellent but certainly not everyone's cup of tea. First, it is really opera. There is a large talented cast and the singing could be thunderous sometimes. Much of the singing is prolonged profanity and extremely rude (listen to it on the website). It's great that I can claim this as my first real opera experience. Second, it really is in the format of a trashy Jerry Springer show. David Soul makes a perfect Jerry Springer.  And third, if you're at all serious about Christianity, you're going to find it very offensive when they take the micky out of Judo-Christian mythology. I won't give any more of the show away.

It's a strange combination but it works very well. Comtemporary opera rocks. Despite the religious content, this is no moralistic play with insights into human nature ("No right. No wrong. Just lots of energy"). It's got the obligatory Springerisms ("Take care of each other"). It's clever but trashy entertainment and you're bound to hear more about this show when it makes it to Broadway next year. Highly recommended.

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