Friday 2 July 2004

Ten Years In The UK

Exactly ten years ago today, we stepped off a plane only planning to stay in the UK for two years. We often evaluate whether we're living in the right place and, funny enough, it still seems right to stay.

There's many reasons why we stay. Each one isn't enough in it's own right but they add up to a lot of inertia that keeps us here. I'm not going to try and explain them all. When asked, the easiest explanation is that we just love the variety of things there are to do in the UK. It's a very small country crammed with 60 million people. There's just lots of stuff that goes on and there's lots of opportunities to try things.

I also think it's a great place to educate children and it's a big bonus that it's a short flight to anywhere in Europe. R* is studying Egypt in the Autumn term so we've booked a trip to visit Egypt during the half term holidays. It's easy to do that living in the UK.

Our intention is still to return to Canada at some point. But as ever, we're just not sure when. 

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