Tuesday 28 September 2004



Yesterday, I taught the kids how to play conkers. There's a horse chestnut tree at R*'s school so the kids there collect them but they don't know how to play conkers so I figured I would teach her this most English of games. As a kid, I had my five seconds of fame playing in a conker competition with the shattering of my conker being broadcast on local TV news. My opponent went on to win the competition with a very seasoned seven year old indestructable conker.

On Sunday, we trooped down to Windsor Great Park and collected a bag of them. It's a little early in the season but wasn't hard to find some. At home, I attached the strings and we were ready to play.

I was soon reminded it can be rather painful to play conkers. It's easy to whack yourself. R* even went and put on her skateboarding pads. After I lost to R*, I set the kids up with a hanging conker to practise on but unfortunately, Kieran whacked himself in the nose and head! So, ok, maybe there's a good reason conkers isn't played much!

Still, I might keep some conkers in a dark corner of a cupboard. They could prove useful in several years.


  1. R* took the conkers to school and caused quite a stir when she and her best friend played them during the break. Teachers and students cheered them on but they got embarassed and ran away.

  2. Goggles for conkers?


  3. Hey, there's a World Conker Championship. Just might try and go to it next year.


  4. If you need any more conkers, we've got a whole drive full of the bl**dy things.

    When I was a kid, conkers was a really popular game, but many schools banned it due to injuries and broken windows.