Friday 3 September 2004

Motorcycle Lesson #5

Had my fifth motorcycle lesson today and it was my second time riding a 500cc bike. It's a big step up from the 125cc bikes. Lots of power on tap at all speeds. Scary. Small movements of your wrist can jolt you about quite a bit and you've got to be ready for it. I've learned to slip the clutch more at low speeds to keep control. There's no fairing or windshield so at 60 mph, you really feel the wind holding you up. Of course, going fast in a straight line is fine but we're now starting to take windy roads at speed and I'm gingerly learning how to lean into the corners.

Honda Hornet CB600FFor a break, we stopped by a motorcycle shop and Chris (my instructor) asked what bike I would like. I replied "something that won't kill me" while eyeing a superbike. He recommended a Honda Hornet. This is a "Naked" bike (more traditional) and turns out to be one of the best selling bikes in Europe. Looks pretty good to me.

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