Saturday 30 April 2005

Address Fraud

There's some guy running around out there using our address to take out insurance on his mobile phone. I don't understand why someone would do this since we just get the policy mail and then notify the company that he doesn't live here. I hope it's not a scam since it could plunge our credit rating. Has this happened to anyone else?


  1. We have been receiving various documents complete with social security number to our address. We first notice this problem w hen I open what I thought was my social security statement only find out that it was address to someone else. I place the document by the mail because I thought it was an error. Unfortunately it was not because we received other information with Lena L. Lopez name and soccial security numbe. We have no idea who this person is and why she has decided to use our address. Needless to say, we want this fraudulent behavior to end. We will be more than happy to go to court to prove that we are not that person. Please assist.

  2. Im trying to figure this out also,I received a refinance for a Cheryl Pablo with my address and i cant figure it out and alot of other peoples mail comming to my address and they dont live at my address. Mike Frazier

  3. We keep receiving mail for an M. Khan - He has never lived here and it's for different things:
    Council Tax
    Utility bills etc...

    We keep getting letters from bailiffs threatening to come round. This happens every year for the same case number. We contact the companies and they apparently amend the details. This is obviously not the case. We even went to the police who told us they weren't doing anything wrong using our address as it's not a crime to do so! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  4. We are experiencing the same thing. We have 2 (yes I said 2) people with the same last name that we are receiving mail for. We contracted to have our house built and moved in 1 1/2 years ago so we are the first owners and residents of our house. There is no way these are previous residents. Plus, one use to live at the same apartment complex we did and the other person still does (information thanks to a backgroud check I did on both people). I been getting bank statements and magazines for one and toll road fines and letters from law offices for the other person. I was able to call the bank for one person and tell them that the address they have is not theirs although I don't know if they will try and contact her. I have also spoke to the post office about it and she said that she would have her manager look into it. We would like this to end too. Keep fight the good fight and update if you find a fix to this.

  5. I am constantly getting mail for the son of the man I bought my house from 3 years ago. Mostly they are from credit companies wanting payment, but today I got court documents for a claim against this person. I have no idea who to go to in order to get his name taken off my address. Does anyone know how to stop this fraudulent use of my address.