Wednesday 20 April 2005

Guest Squirrel

A couple of days ago some kids passing our house found this friendly squirrel running all over the road. The kids caught him (or maybe the squirrel just wouldn't get off them) and they gave him to me since I was outside at the time. He really is very friendly. Climbs all over you. Doesn't bite. Not skittish and quite docile. Also pretty clumsy and not very well balanced. I figure he must be about three months old.

Guest SquirrelWe thought he might have suffered a fall so we kept him inside in a box and fed him for a couple of days but he hasn't changed. That's just his nature. He loves bread and cucumber (cucumber sandwiches?). Oats and seeds are welcome. Not too keen on carrots and green beans. Generally squirrels eat whatever they can get their paws on.

The law says you can't keep squirrels. There's also a law which says you can't release them into the wild. Catch-22! There's also a law about abandoning animals that can't survive by themselves.The advice from wildlife rescue societies was "if he's not hurt, let him go where you found him". Basically, he's cute vermin.

So I built him a little box which he easily took to and today put him out in our backyard on the picnic table so I can watch out for him. I've tried to make it hard for predators to get him in his box but I think the odds are against his survival. There's already another grey squirrel that owns our neighbourhood and there are a few cats about. He's also perfect owl bait. I'm going to feel dreadful if something gets him.


  1. I wonder if you remember the time you brought home a bat with a broken wing. You and I tried to save it, but after a couple of days it died and you had a good cry over it. You were about 12 years old then.

    I read some where that you cannot tame a Squirrel

  2. Yes I remember that bat quite clearly. I think I found the cat playing with it in the garden.

    The squirrel is still in his box on the picnic table. He sleeps a lot but does get up and explore the garden a bit.He sticks around for his walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds. Jenny thinks I'm spoiling him too much :-)

  3. Well "Ricky" hung out around our picnic table for almost a week before fleeing. Haven't seen him since.

    At one point, he crawled into the ventilation shaft from our hob exhaust fan. I've had to tape it shut until I fix a proper screen to it. Jenny was none too happy about that!

  4. My mom had a pet squirrel when she was little. His name was Chippy. My grandfather was a Preacher, and Chippy ran up my Uncles' pant leg during prayer one night, while the others were silently bowed.
    My Uncle yelled out "Chippy!!!",in the middle of Grandpa's reverant prayer, as Chippy ran up his leg, to his neck!
    Chippy also ate from the dinner table, and spent family time with them in the living room.
    I guess you can tame a squirrel!!!