Wednesday 16 July 2008

Year 4 Sex Education

My son was shown three sex education videos at school last week. He’s in Year 4. One of them included full cross-section animation of intercourse. If you ask me, he’s a bit young for that. I didn’t get a sex education talk until Year 7 and it certainly wasn’t animated!

Jenny watched a preview to check the content. I talked to him about the video both the evening before he saw it and the evening afterwards. Basically, he wasn’t much fussed about it and wasn’t very interested. I think he got the general idea already from watching animal nature programmes and this just filled in some details.

The UK has the highest rate of births to teenage mothers in Europe (which is still about half of the US rate). I doubt teaching children at age 9 about conception will help any. I would have preferred they left this topic until the end of Year 5.