Wednesday 5 January 2005

Battle Royale 2: Requiem (Fukasaku, 2003)

Definitely not as good as the first film. Not by a long shot. Altogether, an uneven story and disappointing narrative. Too much over acting and the characters aren't as engaging. The plot seems to have been sacrificed in favour of gratuitous violence. The first film was superb at examining individual decisions to survival by violence. This film also asked questions about violence but failed to give any answers. It even flirted with criticims of the United States and the violence that country has committed towards other countries. But only flirt and it was totally irrelevant. That is the problem. The film touches many themes but just doesn't offer anything substantial or thought-provoking. It wasn't focussed and many motivations were left dangling.

Watch the original. Don't bother with this sequel.


  1. Yes we watched this recently too. I switched it off after about 45 minutes; it lacked everything which made the original so good.

  2. I guess if you read the novel, the film would make more sense. It would provide all the characterisation, motivation and fill in all the missing bits.