Monday 10 January 2005

Signs of The Times: Where Are The Pay Phones?

We were out doing some errands and we needed to make a phone call. Jenny's mobile battery was too low and I wasn't carrying my mobile on me. No problem! Just do it the old fashioned way; find a pay phone. Do you think we could find a pay phone? A petrol station didn't have one. Even a community centre didn't have one but the receptionist let Jenny use the main switchboard phone.

Obviously with mobile phones, there's not as much need for payphones. In fact, according to ofcomwatch, BT has removed 17,500 payphones in the last two years. Of the 75,000 that remain, 27,000 are unprofitable due to payphone revenues dropping by 41% since 2000. So life gets harder for those without a mobile.

Today I was visiting the hospital and noticed a payphone (I'm now aware of payphones!) and it accepted euro's! That's the first time I've seen any coin-operated device in the UK that accepts euro's. That's a really major sign of the times.

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  1. Hi.Yeah,mobile phones have caused the great demise in Payphones,that and mindless vandalism.