Tuesday 18 January 2005

Power Of Nightmares Rebroadcast Tonight

The documentary Power Of Nightmares is being rebroadcast on BBC 2 starting at 23:20 tonight. If you haven't seen it, you really, really should. There's also part two tomorrow and part three the day after that.

It's a controversial documentary series which argues that the threat of terrorism to the West is a politically driven fantasy and that al-Qaeda is not really an organised network. It's a fascinating exploration of recent history and the rise to power of the neo-conservatives in the US and well as Islamic fundamentalist - both groups which benefit from the so called "War on Terror".

It's a must see. If you're not in the UK, it's possible to find the programmes on the Internet as a BitTorrent download.

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous. This documentary series has now been turned into a feature length movie. Unlikely it will ever get a broad showing on US TV.