Friday 17 December 2004

RYA Day Skipper Theory

Yesterday, I had my tenth evening of the RYA Day Skipper Theory course I'm taking at a local college. Half way through; only ten more lessons to go. It's a rather frustrating course. The instructor is a very old but experienced chap who knows his stuff but his teaching is rather unstructured; he doesn't explain things very well and he tends to ramble on. But the worse bit is how slow we cover the material. It reminds me how thoroughly boring high school was, endlessly hearing the same material over and over again.

The material isn't difficult. Boils down to vector math, compass work, lots of common sense and a whole boat load (pun intended) of terminology and conventions.

On the bright side, we've booked overselves onto a one week flotilla sailing holiday next Summer with another couple: James and Karen. Karen has quit her IT job and is currently qualifying to become a Yachtmaster with FlyingFishOnline. You can follow her progress on her blog. It's a really exciting move for her.

So I'm committed to finishing this course and following it with a RYA Day Skipper Practical course before next August. You need to have two qualified people to charter the yacht. That's a pretty easy requirement to meet since only one person needs to be a Day Skipper and the other person just needs to declare competence to a RYA Competent Crew level.

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