Wednesday 8 June 2005

Thorpe Park

Took R* to Thorpe Park yesterday - an amusement park where big kids go. It's got two rollercoasters and plenty of rides that attempt to force your stomach to leap out of your mouth or sit at the bottom of your pelvis. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), R* is only 1.3m tall so she didn't meet the minimum height requirement for either rollercoaster and the more "thrilling" rides. I like rollercoasters and would have liked to have gone on them but have no great desire to be shaken, stirred, whipped or dropped in all the other contraptions.


Nevertheless, we did do quite a few rides including getting a bit wet down a log flume. It was a nice hot day. Best of all, it was a school day for most other kids so there were hardly any queues! It made the park so much nicer. We could easily go on rides multiple times.


It's a decent park but you really need to be over 1.4m tall to make the most of it. I don't think it's very good value for money for short people. It was £48 for both of us to get in and then lunch, ice creams and slot machines all pile on to make it a pricey day.

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