Wednesday 10 August 2005

No More Leg Cast

K* had his leg cast removed yesterday. We missed our appointment at the clinic due to the flight delay but Jenny waited around with K* at the hospital and they eventually found time to remove it. K* is still hopping about on one leg as he doesn't trust using his healed leg yet. He managed getting around the yacht just brilliantly this last week.

While reading about casts I discovered some people have a fetish for them. Check out Cast Fetish. Whatever floats your boat!


  1. Well K* still isn't walking properly. He just refuses to put weight on his right leg and insists on limping about. He says it doesn't hurt. He just "doesn't want to". It's driving us crazy. I've resorted to bribes and threats but he's very stubborn. He just doesn't seem to trust his right leg yet.

  2. He might be into the cast that he had.

    Or, he might just feel very little pain but is not wanting to say it out or he doesn't trust it because it broke once and afraid to break it the 2nd time.