Monday 23 January 2006

Lottery Therapy

I bought a lottery ticket yesterday.

I rarely buy lottery tickets. Clearly, the odds of winning are ridiculously slim so a lottery, to me, isn't about winning. No, what a lottery does is give you a few delightful days of fantasies about being really, really, wealthy.

You're not going to win so make the best of those fantasies. That's really what you've paid for. The right to a fantasy that just might come true. Once you get past the many hedonistic fantasies, you can start thinking about what you really want and value. And when you don't win, you can start thinking of other ways to get where you'd like to go. I should write a book about it and call it Lottery Therapy.

The EuroMillions draw is for £100 million this Friday. Ridiculous jackpot isn't it? But, hey, great fantasy material!


  1. I buy the occasional lottery ticket (when the jackpot's really big) for the same reasons you outlined. Also, I feel my chances are slightly higher than most people's because (a) I'm very lucky, and (b) it would REALLY piss one of my friends off.

  2. I have had the idea of writing a book entitled Lottery Therapy and decided to do a Google search to see if anything turned up. That's how I found your blog and your note of January 23. I know it is not possible to copyright a book title, but I've decided to send you a note to say that I'm planning to use the same title and similar subject matter. Have you followed through at all on the idea of writing a book on this topic and with this title?

    All the best,

    Jim Wells

  3. No I haven't followed through on the idea but I'm glad to hear you're going to write the book instead. Can you send me an autographed copy when it's published? :-)