Thursday 13 September 2007


It's the morning of our second day in Milan. I'm sitting at an ancient Windows 98 computer in the hotel lobby. I'm really not sure this post will work as I'm getting lots of errors popping up. A friend who lived in Milan for a couple of years described it as a sh*thole. I wouldn't condemn it that badly but I'm not that impressed after one day of wandering around.

The Duomo and glass covered gallery are amazing of course. We also went and saw Leonardo's "The Last Supper" at the Santa Maria del Grazie (or however you spell it). That was great and not as badly eroded as I expected. The streets are noisy and dirty. There's a mish mash of brutally ugly buildings and beautiful old ones. Walls are covered with graffiti. Our hotel is in a rather unpleasant neighbourhood. That's one of the risks of booking a cheap room on the Internet!

On the plus side, eating out seems a bit cheaper here. Coffee at a cafe is better and cheaper. And ice cream is better too. The metro is cheap. While sitting in restaurants, we're practising phrases from the Italian phrasebook we bought yesterday. Neither of us know Italian. We have another day of exploring before we rent a car and drive out to the lakes. I'm optimistic that there are more pleasant areas of Milan that we haven't discovered yet.

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