Friday 23 May 2003

Peter Gabriel Concert

Just got back from the Peter Gabriel concert at Wembley Arena. This is the "Growing Up" Tour promoting his new album "Up". I downloaded it from the Internet last week and while there's a few good songs, it's not overly impressive. It's been ten years since his last album which is when we last saw him in Vancouver. He sure has aged a lot.

The concert was excellent. Lots of older songs among the new.  Sledgehammer, Solsbury Hill, Red Rain, Mercy Street, Digging In The Dirt. Good acoustics. Wish he had played Big. Very cool round rotating stage with all the musicians wireless so they're free to move about. One of the singers was his daughter, Melanie Gabriel. The Blind Boys from Alabama played before Peter Gabriel and did a couple of numbers with him. Fantastic voices. As for stage tricks, he walked upside down, rolled a zorb and rode a bicycle around the stage perimeter. Here's a description of the making of the Up CD and here's a good write-up of the concert with pictures that gives you more details.

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