Saturday 14 June 2003

BBC: Moore heads honours roll call

Interesting read of people receiving honours from the Queen. There were 509 in all and over half came from public nominations. Here's a description of the British honours system or even more detail at Debrett's. The more common honours were invented by King George V in 1917 to recognize non-combatants in World War I as the war dragged on. Within "The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire" are five classes:

Knights or Dames Grand Cross, (GBE)
Knights or Dames Commanders, (KBE or DBE)
Commanders, (CBE)
Officers, (OBE)
Members, (MBE)

There's a link to the full list and what they do. Nice to have this kind of recognition system. I wonder what other countries have similiar systems?

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