Sunday 15 June 2003

Colchester History Fayre

Today we drove over to Colchester to see the History Fayre at Castle Park. It's a living history kind of fayre set primarily in the 15th to 16th century. It seems quite a lot of people are into historical re-enactment. There were maybe thirty or so medieval tents with either craft people, traders or just folks demonstrating what medieval life would have been like. Of course everyone dresses the part and many of the visitors too. We watched a puppet show, knights demonstrating sword fighting and a falconry display. I learned about the cittern. R* tried her hand at archery. Both kids tried out the "splat the rat" game. We had quite a few interesting conversations with the people there since everyone is pretty much by nature an amatuer historian and is there for the fun of it.  It was a nice day out.

The best thing about this kind of historical re-enactment is that it's a great way to interest children in history since they can be part of it rather than look at museum displays, ruins or watch TV. Here's a list of other historical events coming up.

Before leaving, Jenny purchased a dress pattern design book for 12th to 13th century costumes and some clothe as well. Some of us might be in costume next time!

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