Friday 20 June 2003

Horsing Around #2

Had my second horse riding lesson this morning. Unfortunately, Jenny wasn't up to it with her cold. The lesson went well. My horse was Cypress and she was much better than Mulberry. More sensitive. That's means you don't have to kick her much to move her forward. Not emotional. No biting. Cypress was also less bouncy and much more comfortable to ride when trotting. Maybe the tight underwear also helped! Started getting the knack of the rising trot - essentially you stand up in your seat every other "beat" of the horses gait and bounce up and down as you ride. I also learned to steer which was easy enough. By the end of the lesson I rode Cypress untethered around the arena doing a rising trot. Hey, this is pretty cool.

So walking is first gear. Trot is second gear. Canter is third gear and gallop is forth.

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