Wednesday 25 June 2003

Low Carb Diet

I've been reading lately about low carb diets. I heard about them sometime ago and read a little on the net before buying "Atkins for Life" from Costco. Makes a lot of sense to me - I've known that bakeries are evil for a long time - sugar and white flour are the big killers. The big controversy with Atkins is that he goes against the dominate low calorie/low fat diet and just restricts carbohydrates and uses ketosis. You can eat lots of protein and fat. If you read the book though, you'll find the diet is very balanced.

So I've been thinking about trying it and losing a bit of extra weight I can do without. I've been experimenting with having no-carb meals but I haven't gone all out yet. Still have to work out exactly what the diet entails but I know that sugar in my tea is out and of course pasta, rice and potatoes are out too.

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