Friday 18 April 2003

Morbid Questions

For several weeks now our daughter has been posing rather morbid questions to us out of the blue:

Would you rather:

    • be trampled by elephants or starve to death?

    • be eaten by a lion or burn to death?

    • be eaten by a lion or slowly eaten by rats?

    • be eaten by a lion or thrown in a pool of crocodiles?

    • drown in water or be eaten by a shark?

    • go to war and die or get your head chopped off?

    • get killed by a sword or get killed by a gun?

    • burn to death or choke to death?

    • be slowly eaten by rats or burn to death?

I think she's trying to figure out the worse way to die. I vote for burning to death although it's a close call with slowly being eaten by rats so I refused to answer the last one!

1 comment:

  1. I think you daughter might have some issues or is having some sort of life crisis! Oh and why would anyone wanna be eaten by rats, there was a guy kidnapped by the maffia a few years back and they recoreded him being eaten by rats, it last 9 long days, so why would anyone wanna do that?!?

    Being Eaten by a lion would be fine and quick because first thing it would do is break your neck!