Saturday 12 April 2003

The Unfortunate Case of Simon Kirby

Poor Mr Kirby was badly ripped off by Zurich/Allied Dunbar. He invested in one of their pension schemes and they took most of the money in the form of upfront "fees". Stunning. His website is an excellent protest site and the PowerPoint presentation he prepared for the CEO and board of directors is superb. Demonstrate the power of the Internet and the ideas behind cluetrain.

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  1. Patrick Billingham10 January 2007 at 09:46

    I had a ten year savings policy with Allied Dunbar. Two months before it was due to mature, they told me that I would get back about £200 less than I had put in. When the policy matured, I received £100 less than even that amount. Despite them taking another £50 in that interval.