Saturday 25 October 2003

Anyone for a Holiday?

Jenny and I have been trying to plan out our holidays for next year. Now that we take holidays in high season, you have to plan this far ahead. The holiday would need to fall between April 3rd to 22nd or July 24th to Sept 1st. If any of you are interested in joining us, get in touch! We've always found it fun to go on holidays with others. Next year, I'm pretty keen to muck about with boats. Here are some ideas:

  1. Faraway offers Sail & Dive Expeditions in Thailand and Burma. The idea is to hire a catamaran with a skipper and dive equipment. It can also carry kayaks. It sounds awesome. We could share this with either another family or leave the kids and go with two other couples.
  2. Another idea I'm very partial to is a flotilla sailing holiday in the Aegean or Ionian. You don't need any experience and learn on the job so to speak. For example, check out Activity Holidays. Could do this for one week and then rent a villa for another week?
  3. We've been interested in renting a canal boat in France (probably Burgandy) for quite a while. It's too busy to do this in the summer but we could do it during the Easter break.
  4. Otherwise, we're always open to renting a large villa somewhere around the Mediterranean and not too far from the sea. You can get places that have their own olive groves, tennis courts, pools, billard tables, etc and they're really not that expensive. For example, look at Tuscany Now or Chez Nous.

Or get in touch if you've got other ideas for a good holiday.We'd prefer to stick to Europe.


  1. Hi - not sure if you ever sorted out your holiday, guess you probably have by now. If you decide to do the sailing thing in the Ionian, I can highly recomend a bunch called Sailing Holidays We took part in a southern ionian flotilla with them in 2003, which was excellent, and we are back with them again this septmeber. All the fun of sailing, you get your own boat to play with plus a really professional and supportive lead crew to be there when you need a little hand holding. I think they even do combined shore/sail deals now if you wish to spend some time in a villa.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Ed. I am looking to do a sailing holiday in the summer of 2005 so I'll check them out.