Thursday 30 October 2003

The Ecologist

Another excellent magazine I picked up recently. The original environmental magazine subtitled "Rethinking Basic Assumptions". Very impressive editorial board, high production values, good punchy articles. For example, the October issues has a two page spread explaining why you should think twice about buying cut flowers again:

  1. Cash Crop Impacts - moving people off their land and causing food shortages
  2. Pesticide Abuse - there is no regulations governing the use of pesticides on flowers
  3. Poisoned Labourers - protection from pesticides not provided
  4. Water Waste - flowers get water when farms and people don't
  5. Workers Rights Abused - child labour, slave wages, etc
  6. Flower Miles - creating vast quantities of carbon dioxide emissions

Many other articles (like why your shampoo could be deadly!). It's worth picking up a copy if you can find it.

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