Monday 1 December 2003

End Of Month Website Stats

I always find it interesting to check the website stats at the end of the month. Let's see.  More visitors this month: 1122 compared to 1001 the month before. Nice to know people really do arrive at this blog. The number one visiting country this month by a significant margin is Hungary. This is followed by US edu sites and then the UK. Top articles remain the "Writing Code" and StrengthsFinder ones but the diving travelogue of Jordan got a lot of reads. Hmmm. In fact, there were a lot of Hungarians visiting Jordan when we were there. Indeed, I was told they were the main country from which the tourists came up until Europeans started coming back a few months ago. Maybe a correlation there! Hey, now this is weird. Nine people looking for "tall blonde german" came to my website. Sorry, you won't find that here!

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